Synaesthetic Experiment 3253

by Twinn Zeus



Instrumentals composed by Grant Livesay at various times as early as late fall (October-ish) of 2010 with "My Flow" (which was cut from the album), "Frenzy" and "A Brief Untoward Clamor" and concluding with "Tease", which was written in approximately 18 minutes on March 1st, 2012. The bulk of the album's musical composition took place during the spring and summer months of 2011, with vocal recording by Dale "Twinn Zeus" Ruffin mostly taking place in two sessions: one in mid-June of 2011 (around six tracks) and the other in mid-March (eight tracks). All of the vocals and were recorded in Grant Livesay's dorm room on Wake Forest University Campus, in the basement Huffman Residence Hall. The bulk of the conceptual filling-out of the song skeletons took place by Livesay during October and early November of 2012.


released November 13, 2012

All lyrics and vocals by Twinn Zeus
All instrumentals composed, recorded, and produced by Grant Livesay.

Also featuring lyrics and vocals by John "Renaissance" Harris, Kory "Prof." Riemensperger, and Grant Livesay as the malevolent, bi-polar "Said Practitioner" where indicated.

Cover-art designed by Tony Zollo.

Mixed and mastered by Grant Livesay.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Vestigial Artifice
Verse 1:
Sprung forth from the ashes, earthquakes seizing tectonic plates disaster,
Abuse of power, mastered his masters,
Stability small traced and straight faced laughter,
Continued journey on paths lined with broken glass,
Partial particle fission blast,
Calculating rage filled caloric expenses with linear math,
Sodium filled blood turns to salt and forms tracks,
Coagulated pools create iron cell walls,
Through which tinted windows and ceilings light falls,
In turn a biological connection occurs,
Synthesizing the desensitizing into fuel to burn,
Utilizing the scythe-like precision and numbers which he learned,
Facing injustice, into action he is spurned

Looming conscious always hidden,
Fortress overrun security measures overridden,
Alloy angels artificial derision,
Island mental conditioned living,
Judgement rendered twisted sentence.

Verse 2:
Touch him? Maybe, Maybach safe track,
Man made lakes, man made mistakes perfection always comes with a catch.
22 to be exact, no clucks to go with the clacks,
Do this for Kix, put water in my Smacks,
Laughing gas blast,
Why so serious? Relax,
No rear view with 100 on the dash,
Racing towards the future, escaping from the past,
Razor-leaf, Hydro-Pump, Flamethrower, Slash,
Cutting the murderous intent with a knife,
Lopping off heads with one fatal swipe,
Swoop, thud
Out of my lane tapping in the rain, Krumping in the mud,
Munch rug, flush drugs, and drive off in a dud,
Haters gassed up and the swag is a hybrid,
Don't care how nice your Nikes are, or the model of the car you arrive in,
Think I'm Doc Ock the way the shots are flying,
Create a golden organic flow similar to the timin',
That the Mayans,
Slick talkers equipped with silver tongues,
Know not, that the minerals they abuse drown out the bells that are rung,
Warnings gone unheeded what's done is done,
Wicker nigganoid golems have begun
To run,
Amuck, stuck, amongst the herd of hope drunk, lame duck
Leaders, that lower worms of destiny into pools of bottom feeders.

Said Practitioner:
one down
all to go?
where am I?
where are we going?
to the depths.
we are going to the depths.
and i have found them,
the depths.
i have found them all.
Track Name: Tease
Twinn Zeus:
Welcome. . . Welcome to my Domain X2
Welcome. . . Welcome to my domain, lights off kerosene, propane, no names
Abstract memories profane, blank slates covered in cum stains
Black frames, rigid names, bushido trained leaving egos slain
None of this matters cut the chit chatter, bring on the laughter
It’s the only thing that can drown out the sounds of the violin wrist splatter, vio-lent vio-let scent scattered
Feigned smiles, vain styles. . . of rhyming, fingers flicking nerves screaming, angels teasing pace double timing.
Luke warm milky white lies and lactose linings
Innards soured by the idea, facetious trust built over a graveyard of lust, couldn’t mitigate the appeal
Found in the piss yellow smile rotten with perfection, corrupted with zeal
Track Name: Insomniatic Company (featuring Said Practitioner)
Said Pracitioner:
... and I have donned these guilts of inadequacy for a hitherto unquestioned expanse of existence...
somewhere in the unbearable confines of this surgeon’s conscience:
lamentations implicit within an unbearable potential juvenilia
son, have i and the world (or you) failed you…

practitioner, i/you are pragmatic in somewhat schizophrenic stature
canker timbred malapropistic malpractice mondegreen geniuses
genesis scripting sequences of weak fetus’s sick leave grievances;
penchants financed by placebo morning-after prescriptions of sugar,
sodium, and cyanide affections chased with a saline cocktail on the rocks, salience, and gold extract clock
worldwide with pride mine/your hyde/jeckell
doctoral heckling so preciously and all the while wiling to conceive
an eve of hue-woe-man perfect synaesthetic organic mechanics achieved?

Twinn Zeus:
Is the earth spinning faster? Or are a thousand meteors falling?
Head spinning . . . Breathe, breathe life . . .
As the sun sets in the west, man crawls to his death,
Above sea level, soaring to the ground, skull hits depressed,
Concave, steel plate, with a pressure gauge attached,
Stress builds until the measuring hand snaps,
The sum of all part allows the weight of my actions to fall on broad backs,
Too much soul to be whack,
So much soul that it devours homophones, and runs rampant on tracks,
Purgatory personified with reptiles purring,
An auditory mirage, a collage, barrage of trivial yearning,
Swerving, serpentine surreptitious learning,
Lion’s den, spear tipped pen,
Amphetamine mental, alkaline burning,
Etchings, memories become scrap paper,
Shredded with a volley of purple light sabers,
Using Washington’s great debaters, in order to persuade her,
To do something now, that she is going to regret later,
Nothing’s sweeter than thine own thigh’s eye,
Tempest tantrum, Tantra, lows, highs,
Hearts stretched with love only come in one size,
It’s too tight and it won’t fit, I tried,
Decisions split, split . . .
Split known incision quit, attempts to resist, clinging to the entrance,
Through which, wooden horses slip in,
Sharp notes and modal melody, seldomly
Do we, follow the blurred ideology,
Of a secularized state caught up in trial monopoly,
Sloppily, seconds become minutes, minutes become hours
Hours, ours, tick-toc

Said Practitioner:
ours is a time spent regardless of wellness
well, perhaps the slightest bit of selfishness
off kilter quell simper shush
whimper, dirty feud clenching he:
concept 3253 is the last
drastic attempt at decadence
descendent of tragic deficit
unerring elocutionist
of wit, resolve, wherewithal, etiquette, cortisol


in three dimensions
where is the damn point of entry - ascension?
and moreover,
towards what humanity are we hastening?
and where is that guitar rationing?
ahh… lull me into a state of blank awakening…
Track Name: Sick Rationale
Twinn Zeus:
Sitting upon a throne of clay breaking my only ties,
Stacking troubles on camel backs disintegrating spines,
Using membranous sacs to trap flies,
My kingdom, a land where I put an end to existence by closing my eyes,
Blood bonds the openings of compound mental breaks,
True loves wait, amorous movements escape,
Deadly aim honest arrows fly straight,
Aiming at other planets using parallax,
"Double fisting" zen, flyer than the LAX,
The ladder of hierarchical matter the max,
Capacity of ones fleeting feelings detach,
Detach, the strings that remind you,
Of hearts lost in hubris and blind to,
The signaling lights yielding ones baggage few,
Pay attention to the caution lines true,
Slow motion crashes simulation savants in lab coats,
Medicated lenses and minds developed under ideal quotes,
Remedial partisan structures attention spans held by remotes,
Clicks following clacks, murdering tracks, virtually murdering ethnic packs,
Bury men with knowledge facts on facts on facts,
Crass, prepare a toxic salvo so I can put you on blast,
Measure the potency of my words in half-life,
Do the same thing with Krypton and my swag right,
Make light,
Of your struggle and drag mortals to the depths,
Of a soul drowned in crystal clear meth-,
Search for the the comical, through a blood stained optical drives
Track Name: Involuntary Shudder
Twinn Zeus:
Hi there, do you like my eye wear,
Or the fact that I can tell you about different kinds of spy wear,
Raw meat, Shiny Pokemon, my flow is rare,
Still a dragon by a fraction, welcome to my lair,
The grass is greener because I painted the ground,
Tycoon; wave a finger and level your town,
Paul Bunion' your parks, do the trees make a sound,
Sporting your dignity I took it from the lost and found.
Let it rip Dragoon, typhoon, twister,
Battlezone, gravel roads, walking on blisters,
Punch a school bus and play Hand Ball with Scissors,
Strain to make it rain,
I'm chill I make it blizzard,
Grab your blankets, fuzzy socks, wrist watch, and pets
Lasso Lassie, put him down I'm a vet,
I'm Mega-man, mixed with a raptor, beasting a T-Rex,
Black and Blue, teeth missing, screaming who's next.
Sinister Sinestro, yellow belly slackers,
Brow beating rustic rituals, racing tractors,
Speech reverent nonsense, star-struck Romulus factor,
Orchestrate an oil spill and blame it on a natural disaster,
Set the sea ablaze, until the explosions over power my laughter,
Is any man's guess, best bet,
To play it close to the vest,
Don't invest, in those lacking the will to progress,
Direct deposit your checks, and practice safe sex
Track Name: Wait for Chapel Funeral Bells (featuring Prof.)
Twinn Zeus Prayer:
Looming conscious always hidden,
Fortress overrun security measures overridden,
Alloy angels artificial derision,
Island mental conditioned living,
Judgement rendered twisted sentence.

Renaissance, Twinn Zeus, Prof., and Grant Livesay respectively:

Twinn Zeus:
I hear bells... and they're ringing... they awakened me into my being...

I make mistakes, and I admit it, livid attention spent questioning my desire for repentance
Listless, limitless, less than, broken hearts and soiled hands
Dirtied by demands for the normality of the enhanced
Beings, power by Duracell and sponsored by pious genes
Developmental league, legion of fictitious seeds, synthetic wet dreams
Milky white parasites, structured composite beams, seamless tees
Cool breeze and dark open seas, jugulars yearning to bleed, loins begging to breed
Squeezing, the remnants of sanity from the rigged soil, crumpled foil defenses
Healing, Lanced boil glimpses, swirling pensive, pus coated senses, lift lids fitting. Stratified roles and aches head splitting.
Tired of trying, battles of attrition and audible sighing
Lost in translation signing, signifiers trigger synapse firing
Can’t argue with myself, nothing left to give
Who’s left to kid, mind emptied and akin,
Of the murderous intent of alcohol soaked skin, leisurely commenting on the
Feasibility of mute connections drowning out the sound of dropping pins
Plunging into the pool of hatred, makeshift dried snakeskin casing
Rafts on turbulent emotions casting
Dove feathers flapping, out of dreams snapping, sacrificing happiness for the sake of my brothers.
Who’s leaving who’s if we turn our backs on each other

i've never seen a more beautiful machine
it's veins are made of plasitc pumping:
plasma and caffiene...
we've got to keep up with it some how
so i propose a toast to those who go before us
into the new humanity
mix temptation with insanity
for science not for man and he i know...
i want the wind to blow and grass to grow
beyond the length that lawn mowers can tackle


force me down low, make my friends grieve
though none of your powers can hold sway over me
for i'll love the life that i've left
and fall fast into the fractals of the sea
Track Name: Just Chillin'
Twinn Zeus:
Excuse me miss, I find that I would be remiss, If I inherently dismissed
The possibility of earning your touch; a kiss
No longer a king, I shall be your liege, learn to trust and believe in
The minimal glimpses into the future precede my day dreams
That, grant me the ability to see, the perfection that is my Queen
Romanticized notions of symbolic devotion, empty rhetorical motions
Have allowed alcohol to become a love potion
Opening hearts, as heat does pores; an out pour of emotion,
Just know I rest assured in you, you exude brilliance and pulchritude
Arguments and mollifiable attitudes, offensive measures in magnitudes
It doesn’t have to be love, for two should become one
Words cannot describe the biological connections that stem from above
A higher calling, angels falling, intertwined on feathered rugs.

ruined ecology
Physical impulse and savagery, implication and fallacy, a star crossed tragedy
Is an alternate reality that this dice holds, I might fold and not gamble
Track Name: Simplistic Intoxication
Twinn Zeus:
Verse 1:
There is something that can be said for a woman that can chill,
Creates an atmosphere of peace and stays still,
Strength behind the silence, diamonds, steel,
Sit and watch the grass grow with you girl for real,
Do something in the ordinary; catch a matinee,
I'm the type to do the same thing for the rest of my days,
I'm not trying to steal your heart because crime doesn't pay,
Trying to get the scale of justice to sway my way,
My heart doesn't skip it slows to meet yours,
The 1/4 pitter patter of the shit storm matches the score,
Ninja dealer, surprises are what I have in store,
Black coats and kicks, and music is what I live for,
Felt tip pens and midnight ink,
Primordial entanglements made my heart shrink,
Taught to approach with a smile and a wink,
Never be honest and say the opposite of what you think

Verse 2:
Long hair don't care, but short hair does,
No Blue Moon girl you are my buzz,
Light years away from you and I becoming us,
Sitting in my sail boat waiting for a gust,
There's a thin line between love and lust,
Like becomes love, lust and trust become synonymous,
Smiles mean more to me than anything,
Time is money, so I guess I'm giving you my everything,
In my pocket, safe, satchel, what ever you call it,
If you ever have a problem girl you know I'll haul it,
Tripped into the land of hearts, guess you say I'm fallin',
Down the rabbit hole, fly, my spirit's Stalin,
I guess that's what I get for rushin',
Bass hits as hard as the truth but it's nothin'
Screwing with my head I think I got a concussion,
Tap dancing with the percussion, but it's Luscious.
Track Name: Mort de Mes Attentes
Twinn Zeus:
Even Zeus poses as a mortal when he so desires
We only have three minutes and a lifetime
She doesn’t care, that I have a cul-de-sac hairstyle, or that my waist size is past prime.
She doesn’t care that sometimes I hide behind my words, and often over analyze hers
She doesn’t care when drink to stop thinking, and to keep myself from sinking into thoughts of self-destruction
She doesn’t care that I’m not worried about my grades, only thoughts of getting paid, as long as I strive for something
I don’t lust for her body in a sexual sense, beauty she is the past present and future tense,
The pearly whites of her smile are truly heaven sent, cycling around the pertinent lesson through which I have slept, and many cases have rest,
Distance strengthens the heart and more is less, but what if we were two magnets attracted by the beats in our chests
The intellectual property that circulates in our minds, combines, refined with time spent, sipping coconut water with lime
I open myself fully to the idea that perfection does exist, because I will always find the perfection in the imperfections that you try to hide when I tell you not to resist.
It’s hard to accept something wonderful at first glance, or first realization of steel walls turning to glass, the immobilizing fearing of repeating mistakes of the past, worrying that you’ll take everything I have and dash.
I’d rather remain in seclusion in agony, than disappoint you with my laxity
Physical impulses impaired with savagery, implication and fallacy, a star crossed tragedy
Is an alternate reality that this dice holds, I might fold and not gamble
Track Name: Frenzy (featuring Said Practitioner)
Interstellar Warning Frequency:
Looming conscious always hidden,
Fortress overrun security measures overridden,
Alloy angels artificial derision,
Island mental conditioned living,
Judgement rendered twisted sentence.

Minion of Malfeasance:
Doctor! Type 3253’s mental stability has reached levels of terminal agency and he is now fleeing modernity upon metaphysical foot!

Said Practitioner:
3253 is waning, displeased I see
and it seems we have severely miscalculated
the weight of dreams.

Twinn Zeus:
It started with a breath, an exhale,
Exalted creator, left his creation veiled,
Failed, Test subject 3253 LP, had lost his ability to see,
Roamed land fill continents, banished upon the decree,
That those created unequal, must stick with their own people,
Use shards of broken dreams, to make telescopes to see through,
Mortified lens glimpse, mortified hands,
Arthritic demands,
To know what the future holds,
Traditional landscapes mold,
Red Clay, while bull headed leaders throw away,
Protections of public affray,
Hearty meals served in earthen-wear bowls,
Erase those,
Believers in the almighty normalcy of obedience,
Short circuit, agile movement,
Rigid rubric, sadist students,
Sun Tsu chess move, stupid, lucid
Crossbow blood flow
Wage war against puppeteers for fears of self propelling snow globes
From expressions of wanton amor, to no goes
Betwixt, the trick, light plays, in contempt of the blind
Eyes, behind, the USB ports and 1/4 inch sockets that bind,
Mind and body to the pursuit of rhythm
Sentence? More reprieve, likely,
Lifestyles cubed by the almighty,
Mover of souls and destroyer of small hills
Pulse, cesium atoms, atomic clock kills,

Said Practitioner:
Shroud self-imposed draped o'er near perfection's crown
and true I perched atop a pedestal of blood Adam orange tincture donned
in regalia paradise lost - no - perhaps relinquished whilst pursued
but marionette I am not
yet this, his mask is an incredibly incredulous cloth sewn of electrified threads
through the needle's eye: observational impatience
concurrently... to pull the plug? euthanasia?
and what binary existences doth thee reference?
- mescalin -
some odd dichotomy betwixt linguistics and feminine lips
kissed with a coat of the fantastically ascribed
and doth I dare as the hare runs err apparent
no heir and thy parent lie not in lysergic wait
but with baited breath on the cusp of his son's revenant
blessed or blasted prevalence
3253's fasted upon the quick, quaint, nothing and thulium
only to see past the silver:
that angels quiver regardless of alloy or come hither
Track Name: Metaphor Metadata
Mr. Ruffin is in the building,
Swagger is genetic, so I'll pass it to my children,
Spit an Ocean of nova cane, F*** your feelings,
Pointing West with interpolations of Arms Race dealings,
Abstract riddler, stickler, for grammar error in scripture,
Picture, this, Nikon, Kodak,
Military assistance is needed to unscramble this code rap,
Try and steal lines but the swagger has low-jack,
Start pushing CDS and tell you that I sold crack,
Or come up with various ways to tell you how I can murder a track,
I'll f***ing stab the winds in the lungs and shoot the melody in the back,
Have the baseline jump off a cliff by telling it it's a piece of crap,
Everyday of its existence, until it gets depressed and snaps,
Strangle the strings, and mail a bomb to the mic, but actually I need that,
I take it back, then I will write a letter to the rhymes,
Explaining that the disjointed nature of its lines,
Should be considered a crime,
It should be given a "D" for devolution, and "B" for bureaucratic try,
Sly-lingual fly,
Marty Mc-Contradiciton film noir high,
Fine, Tri-Ceratops, banging on trash cans emptying out tea pots,
There shall be no parties on my watch,
Instead, we will make homes for the homeless out of leggo blocks,
Turn public libraries into record shops,
Mixtures of sediments wrenching, drops of cyanide,
Liquid cement inside, instant quick dry,
So what if I personify the pitiful prose, used to personify,
Sin of pride, and The gender inequities in "Superfly"
Steadily as Medusa's lush locks stupefy,
Re-Enunciate my minds current state,
My body is a temple, wait, my mistake
It is an amorphous compound through which I must relate,
Actions must erase,
The violence that has become commonplace,
Complacent, with moves made adjacent to logic and parallel to sanity,
Proxies libations turn bodies in canopies,
Textiles soiled with phrases,
Emitting a powerful fragrance,
Pathogen riddle quantities inhaled in phases,
Correlating to power cell stages,
Depletion and resistance.
Track Name: Nineteen and Unwarranted Outtake 00001 (featuring Renaissance)
Renaissance Refrain:
Not gonna pass me by,
I have no cause or will to lie...
Been trying so hard to define,
but what is color to those who're blind?
You know, you know we can touch the sky,
Wherever you go I'm by your side
On one day you will be there before my eyes,
I only pray that I recognize... (x2)

Twinn Zeus:
Ask me a question and let the answer lie, lie down rest your head
Upon a bed of soak saffron flowers,
Blood colored rouge devoured,
Dripping from your vice-like mind, relations rely,
On the guidance of a demented eye,
Cemented design, a self-fulfilling prophecy painted within the lines
Water color nightmares add a layer of beauty to the unforgiving,
Volley of thoughts pinning,
Freedom to the carved stone backdrop that bleeds when I’m sinning.  


Fixating on the glistening flesh,
Fist pumping, hand raising blood rushing,
South bound on I-69 flushing, t
The flustered pigment that fights back mustering
Offering the last bit of stamina, in a body split in an attempt to hold a camera, and the flexing of the lamina pc muscle wall,
Soiled black sheets constellation of Aquila
Faces bent in a pleasant parabola,
Mirrors, can’t reflect the changes that occur within,
Beneath the frailty of sun baked skin,
Sun spots and scarred tissue blend 
To form a new tone for those rigid structures built,
To match the rigormortis still,
Giving cold shoulders when we used to be chill,
Face alters currents as if the moon shines at will,
Searching for answers in the grace of hand of pills and a bottle of absolut, 
Truth?  You question me daily as if our bonds lack depth.
How can we grow as one when our detrimental ways are set?  
Does it really even matter, when our words lack heft and lies are all that are left?

I was headlong in a fantasy: a dream that never way to an end
physique and mental faculty stretched to the n'th motherly comfort touches
wrapped up in insightful conversation,
sleepless nights naked, poetry to the sun's rays elevated
her embrace was the thrust from being unplugged from the matrix
from before time my spirit has been anticipating
this brand of wonder-lust, no wonder I walked to the cusp
to fill this cup, this vixen, this gorgeous whirlpool...
each and every movement crafted to the tempo of the wind's song
how could power that's so good lead to feeling so wrong
any awareness of self shattered to dust in the aftermath in tremors
elder's cliches ring true: "everything isn't gold that glitters,
everything that breathes withers,
spring is proceeded by the darkest breaths of winter..."
souls stretched out into splinters
of paradox like intangibles getting disfigured
titanic avalanches oftentimes get triggered
by faint breath, or the attention that gets stored on the shores of regret
for forty days and nights I watched that same sun set
on deferred dreams, broken and bloody-battered self-esteem
a living hell, exorcise so hard and long my ancestors fell
somehow the struggle to hold on helped the facade to melt
in the moonlight I knelt, and came to understand the thirst of hell
the only reason to not do what you will in life is that
you are doing... something... else.

Renaissance Refrain x1

Twinn Zeus:
Track Name: Pastiche (featuring Grant Livesay)
Said Practitioner:
I am waking up in the wake of sprawl…
I am awake…… to forge on our downward crawl...

Grant Livesay:
Feminine featured red shawl floating
on a canvas drenched in black oil
and she is either taunting or beckoning you
a tease were she to bleed a face or feet
they would have been pale expressionless braille
but childlike beautiful in such early morning nascence fail:
DXM induced dream-scape
where the fiends are refined
defined by whate'er they decide most painful
then inescapable upon one's sun rise...
wry cry of the cock in morning
scream unblinking eye: depraved
at your burning partner's daily nonchalant mime
"baby, don't you want mine?"
she asks, open, as his intimate posing encroaching
on sharp intakes of breath - cleft sighs and bereft nights,
copulate aesthetic conception: painting isle nigh.

Said Practitioner: I’m awake and we are in wake of…

Twinn Zeus:
What were once blank stare now obtain meaning,
An existential dilemma, reflections screening,
Vertical moving awnings, producing saline streaming
Solutions relieving, pressure, undressing wounds with sonic booms of screaming,
On man's journey back to the Earth,
At one point its basic compounds are released first,
Audio levels are measured in kilo-hertz,
It exhibits the same attributes as truth, for better or for worse,
Reference to reverence shall no longer be accepted as fact,
In order for one's identity to intrinsically remain intact,
Flesh must peel, the idea of sanity must be scrapped,
Otherwise truancy concerning reverent references will remain intact,
Oh Ye', bronze skinned vessel of life,
Strife riddled might I ask why, am I in your sights,
Why aim at the mortal,
With the opal vorpal, rays that attack with a doleful intention,
Suspension, of the guarding mechanist derision,
A polarized manifestation of what I envision,
What exponent of power must I call upon to divert this gaze,
Placing my, racing mind, in a stringent colored haze,
Stinging leaky faucet function,
Awarding my mediocrity with a lack luster luncheon,
A cornucopia of demonic impulses,
As my body convulses,
As the harbinger of destruction plays a movement at a frequency,
That shatters the mirror levitating in my periphery,
A visceral reflection that continues eternally,
Burning the ,
Logic in Absurdity,
On the inside of my eyelids,
Poison tipped pens bring an end to the pious,
Nature of those devoted to codes of silence,
Plus and Minus,
Controlling my destiny using God's Stylus,
Write off insecurities as the ramblings of a nihilist,
Floating across the Nile on a raft made of papyrus,
Drifting, sifting,
Sullen, down trodden, but remains uplifting,
Through the swamp of vowel laden consonants Maiden Names . . .
Track Name: For Moment
Twinn Zeus:
Predictions warrant loose-leaf lucidity
Transmuting lyrics into other languages forgoing an
instance of mimicry
With every, silk spun usage of forgotten syllabary
Singularity curves, creating neuro-spasmic memory
Laden, latent power,
Inherent within green streaks of eyes that parallel cosmic showers
Indeed, thine’ seed yields fruits beyond the imagined
From soil deprived of sunlight and blackened by Ivory Towers
Pearl lined behemoths erected in honor of the daughter
Of Mother earth and Father time
Interest and lifestyles that mirror the simplistic and sublime
Partnered with the dreams of living amongst winged angels divine
As the smiling eye,
That sees all tempting false worshipers to kneel and in awe for a sign
In hopes that their existence be validated in that soaking light of rotting lime
The power to fly is all that is needed to attain the unreachable beauty
That seeks a source of peace, it is my duty
Dually, to learn the, social graces of martyr-dom and living suitably
Amongst the irrefutably,
Solemn, golem like beings
That which seem to lack the material to build anything other than jeans
Or so I glean, human error runs rampant in the era of LCD screens
Sultry tones incline on a plane that planes cannot follow
Linear paths to destruction circuitous sorrow
sought to, control life controlling emotions leads to a brighter tomorrow
Often, lost in, constantly accosted, fresh scent Lacoste kits
Performance anxiety, sweat must drop from pits
Mistrials and rallies, heated textured tamales,
Minstrels live vicariously through the means to reach the finale,
Using obtuse lines to coerce deals in allies,
Penance devoured by purpose sadly,
Direct your language to the trap and get ruffed up in a valley.
Where dandelions transform
into self-replicating spores,
That latch to flesh and form, sores,
Oozing the choco-mellow mixtures of smores
Where oars made from Iron ores
Are needed to navigate the sinkholes and sand pits
And felt tips are used to draw seals,
That keep seals, from maiming passengers with zeal
Track Name: Mount Olympus Nightlife
Twinn Zeus:
Fought the man in the mirror now I know who the sadist is,
Broken glass in my hands, you can call me Razor Fist,
Iron man chest, metal heart, crude oil mist,
The same way Metal Fingers, crate dig for one hits,
Rare occurrence, foul disturbance,
Lined staircases with servants,
Pay no attention to the spectrum,
From brown nosing centipedes living mouth to rectum,
... Mirroring statutes of REDRUM,
An emblem, a symbol, of the dirty work done,
For the sake of procreation, and economic masturbation,
Through deviant behavior, and divine sensation,
Four eyes that try to encode interpersonal relations,
Into robotic Robotnik round, cyborgs that High-Kick and shoot aircrafts down with sound,
That astound, and only take flight to mock those stuck on the ground,
Laughter of the thunderous variety,
All the while silently, the heart beats violently,
At the thought of using spines to build a dynasty,
Who knew the frigid, rigid, soul could identify the irony,
In neutralizing threats righteously,
Protecting the connected,
From the standing armies that have been erected,
In peace time, at the same time using stealth weaponry to go undetected,
Specializing in the over saturation of the tantalizing route they have selected,
Strange those, who alter or change, or offer a different way,
To avoid the same thing over again,
Keep trying, say game over again,
Pitiful bosses, variable movements generated,
Pixelated power moves,
2-D arena encapsulated,
Venue, realm of conscious, fabricated,
Interpolation, precisely stated,
Words transmute scars, you can't erase it,
Vixens, viable options, for desperation pittance,
Varying emotions enter gas chambers, good riddance
Ingest RId_X poison, with Riddick's poise Man
Knows not of gray borders of apathy's stance
Or creation of rebel warzones,
Stock trade grievances turn into rants,
On man's quest to become one and die-a-tribe (diatribe)
Track Name: A Brief Untoward Clamor
Standing on the ledge eating a heath bar drinking a cup of codeine
Dopamine riddled, track mark scribbles, fabled to take the whole thing
That’s 30cc’s, Paradoxical means, methadone clean, methadone fiends
Mental atrophy, so much for those hoop dreams,
Riding around with no tags, but keep your car clean
Sparkle fresh, mangled mesh, tangled mess, of a crooked logic
Apollo’s apology for his sloth like speed demolish
My dreams, particles of parchment steamed, soggy and sullen promised
Acquisitions of knowledge, behind the widow’s peak, my interest piqued in college
A collage of photos and semen stained daydreams,
Intangible albatross moss green
Waxy leaves, tacticians feed the black hole with substance, negating the need,
The desire for an understanding of the unknown possibilities of riddlin
Minds soaked in the absorbing matter of fluoxetine sentiments
Pitiful, disgusting excusing for acting out of place
Smiles break mirrors, stabbing reflections of the past
Bleeding thoughts pooling hematoma creating a purple mask
An incestuous lineage of perceived royalty, and spoiling trash
Track Name: Much Ado (featuring Said Practitioner)
Twinn Zeus:
... replicating cell-structure culture...

Grant Livesay:
...busy scripting... busy scripting...
the vultures are busy scripting...

Said Practitioner:
...busy scripting... we believe he’s on to us.
goddamn, we played god real good and he sure is a sore loser
cry when the well went dry
lo, lord he fell upon his sword to feed the mosquitos
mojitos and as disembodied bits of some snow
fallen god they feasted
the beast with two backs bore twice the burden -torsion-
and the fourth wall was a fence that broke
whence the herd heard him.
cursed tassels of dilapidated soft rock opera
going by the way of alopecia
vestiges of voice mere palimpsests on a celestial horizon
degrading radio waves shrieking out blights on
any detached deity lingering
in derelict consciousness-es of lemmings
senseless, submissive, and will there even be time left to listen?
...cultures busy replicating scripture...

Lamenting Ancient Scribes:
Looming conscious always hidden,
Fortress overrun security measures overridden,
Alloy angels artificial derision,
Island mental conditioned living,
Judgement rendered twisted sentence.